The Good Life

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"Even if my sense of who I am contains some ambiguity, I have at least gotten out of my own way enough to know who I am not. I am not the final product of the dominant culture. I have begun the long climb out of the pit of conditioned enculturation. My existential predicament has been the rope by which I have begun to get a grip on my own being. Years of studying philosophy have created a passion for seeking The Good Life. But--

  • What is the Good Life?
  • What are the nuts and bolts involved in living a truly Good Life?"

    - Sherry Ackerman, Ph.D.

Dressage in the Fourth Dimension

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"Dressage in the Fourth Dimension was a groundbreaking publication when it first came out in 1997. It's the first book that addressed the spiritual side of riding, the Zen aspect of dressage as a path to self-realization. The challenges and frustrations that are inevitable even for the most talented rider under the best instruction and with the best schoolmaster horses always present the rider with a choice between honestly facing his own weaknesses and shortcomings and to work on overcoming them or blaming something else and living in a state of denial. Only the first choice leads to enlightenment and true competence in the saddle. It is the more difficult, but also the more fulfilling path. Sherry Ackerman's book can help the rider find his way through the pitfalls of ego and frustration to become a more well rounded, more balanced rider and a better human being, who gets more enjoyment out of riding and out of life."

- Thomas Ritter, Ph.D.