If you asked me to describe myself, I'd tell you that I am a socially engaged philosopher whose passion for sustainable, integrated lifestyles, voluntary simplicity and animal spirituality gets channeled into writing. Herbert Marcuse awakened my realization that I could be both an academic—a scholar—and a social catalyst—an activist. And, writing is a way that I bring together both of these aspects in myself.

The Good Life
A Guide for Creating a Sustainable and Fulfilling Lifestyle

The Good Life is a skillfully woven narrative about what we value at the core, and how our choices can honor and celebrate these values. Sherry Ackerman chose a static-free, rural lifestyle, rich in connections with loved ones, nature, and ideas, which gave her the space and time to develop her own unique strengths. In this very readable book she generously shares some of her wisdom. In down-to-earth tales of remarkable people she’s known as well as discourse with great thinkers from Socrates to Sartre, this gem of a book reflects on the central issue of our time: how can our obsessive civilization get back on track?"

- David Wann, coauthor of Affluenza, author of Simple Prosperity and the forthcoming New Normal: Creating an Affordable Civilization

"Anyone serious about sustainability will enjoy The Good Life, for its engrossing personal story of a woman who walks the talk, for its perceptive reflections on the insanities of the industrial-consumer society in which we live, and for the information it provides on emerging alternatives, such as co-housing, slow money, vegetarian and raw foods, permaculture and organic gardening, voluntary simplicity, green building, and much more. This is truly an inspiring and informative book."

- Molly Young Brown, author of Growing Whole: Self-realization for the Great Turning

Dressage in the Fourth Dimension:
The Book That Ushered in a
New Paradigm in Dressage Consciousness

In 1997, when Dressage in the Fourth Dimension was originally published, Susan Chernak McElroy’s Animals as Teachers and Healers and Monty Roberts’s The Man Who Listens to Horses were a couple of years away from becoming best sellers.

At that time, anyone who, in fact, saw horses as sentient beings, and even as teachers and healers, kept quiet about it for the most part. To say that you were riding for any reason other than sport or recreation was suspect. The phrase horse lover was applied with disdain. And anyone who admitted to having a spiritual experience in the presence of one of these amazing creatures was considered eccentric at best and more than likely delusional.

Along came Sherry Ackerman, an accomplished equestrian and socially engaged philosopher who not only suggested that riding can be used as a path of transformation but also all but guaranteed that anyone who learns to ride well can’t help but be transformed."

- Linda Kohanov, author of Tao of Equus and Riding Between the Worlds.

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Behind the Looking Glass

"Some of the magical brilliance of Lewis Carroll—starting with his own self-invention—lay in his command of the esoteric craft of hiding secrets in plain sight. To bring them to light calls for a writer who mirrors Charles Dodgson's formidable combination of scholarly erudition and spiritual passion. Meet Sherry Ackerman. She is as well-informed about the mathematics and physics of the late 19th century as she is in its art, literature, photography, and competing university agendas of Enlightenment and Romanticism."

- Peter Manchester, Ph.D., author of Syntax of Time: The Phenomenology of Time in Greek Physics and Speculative Logic from Iamblichus to Anaximander

"I do not know of any author who has attempted to present this most familiar work as a Platonic allegory, employing myth as a vehicle for philosophical ideas. Sherry Ackerman has re-visioned Alice in Wonderland for us: now it is not only good fun to read, perhaps providing along the way some psychological insights into human nature, but also a metaphysical parable which beyond individual psychology perhaps hints of a deeper universal Self in harmony with the All of Nature."

- Jay Bregman, Ph.D.; Professor of History and Religious Studies, University of Maine

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Spiritual Adventures with Horse

This is a really magnificent book. I am pleased and proud to have been a contributor to this fine piece of work. I wrote Chapter Nine, The Tao Dance: A Yoga of Two.

I wrote about two special horses in my life. My chapter starts out:

"He was big, black, bold, and beautiful. She was white and wonderful. They were yin and yang – and each had a little dot of the other. And, they danced their way into my life as keepers of the Gateless Gate. Each of them sat on opposite sides of that Gate, like Fu Lions. And, lions they were: because each of them danced ferociously."

Check out the book to read the rest of it....and the other contributor's chapters, too. They are all really inspiring and uplifting. Enjoy!

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