The Good Life

For many people, consumer culture has lost its appeal. So have debt accumulation, time poverty, exteriority, and social alienation. The Good Life is about living a sustainable life by creating green solutions for modern living. It points towards simple living that values freedom, interdependence, caring, community, and our connectedness with Nature. This is a portrait of a truly sustainable life--one that leaves no footprint behind!

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The Good Life

The Good Life is an optimistic book. It is a Guide to Finding Personal Freedom and a Blueprint for a Sustainable and Fulfilling Lifestyle. It invites readers to view the recent global market downturn as an opportunity to go green and simplify their lives. The message is that this is a time, not without some suffering, that we could get more earth friendly and take a step back to Nature. It's also time to stop viewing wealth as money, but as something much more holistic and broad.

The book is about my own journey to sustainability--learning to homestead and create green solutions for modern living. But, it's not just my journey: it's one that anyone can choose. Each person has to make their own map, find their own way. My work has broken open the ground before you as surely as if I'd gotten up a little earlier than you did and, forceful in the powerful morning light, turned over a garden of healthy, vital soil. It's all there for you, ready, if you choose to dig and plant. This is a manual that makes going green easy by offering green solutions for modern living.

"No asceticism here, not in this celebration of a sensual and fun-filled life that happens to be sustainable in other ways as well!" - Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet

"The Good Life is never stable, never secure, never easy and never ended. It is a series of steps or stages, one leading into the other and all, in their outcome, adding, not subtracting; augmenting, not diminishing; building, not destroying; creating, not annihilating." —Scott and Helen Nearing

What People are Saying about The Good Life:

"The spiritual rawness of the American Dream, hyper-consumptive, hyper-individual, hyper-busy, has run its course. In The Good Life, Sherry Ackerman dangles the sweet carrot of freedom before us promising a taste of meaning and purpose as the corporate world pukes its toxicity at nature and onto us. In the tradition of New England intellectual back-to-the-landers such as Thoreau, Meadows, Perin, and the Nearings, Ackerman brings to life the quiet desperation of the mass of women and men and crows lustily to awaken our original sweetness. What’s new in Ackerman’s account is the proof of the power of simplicity as a workable modus operandi while empire crumbles. A practitioner of radical sustainability, her soulful words stimulate a desire to dry some nettles and dandelion, get the potatoes in the ground and then take a silent stroll in the mountains. Then, after a family dinner, dedicate a few of those hours liberated from the rat race to help dissolve the rat race."

- Jim Merkel, author of Radical Simplicity

"There are lots of books out there now about living simpler, less consumptive lifestyles. Many of them, however good they may be, are stories of short experiments—a year without "impact", or without buying things. Sherry Ackerman offers us 35 years of life lived close to the earth, simple and sustainable, yet smart, cosmopolitan, erudite. This book is a rich stew of down-to-earth wisdom and practice, and rigorous philosophical, social, economic and ecological thought. Ackerman has learned a lot from the land, from books and from people, and she offers a vision that is far more sustainable and truly wealthy than our crumbling consumer society. If you’re as old as I am, you’ve probably wondered what happened to all those folks who went back to the land in the sixties and seventies. Their experiences, so beautifully captured in this book, have much to teach us now and should inspire the next counterculture."

– John de Graaf, co-author, Affluenza: The All-Consuming Epidemic and Executive Director of Take Back Your Time.

"Don't sweat the small stuff...but let's start paying attention to the big stuff...a dying Planet, a wavering economy and an unsustainable worldview. In The Good Life, Sherry Ackerman exemplifies how sustainable living brings us deeper into our personal authenticity and gives us a glimpse of where to begin with suggestions on how we can restore our Planet back to vitality and well-being."

- Kristine Carlson, author of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff for Women and Heartbroken Open

"In The Good Life, Sherry Ackerman brings together her experiences with living more simply and her philosophical background to reveal a road hopefully ever-more-traveled towards social sanity. The seed of soul, as it sprouts in each of us, will be strong enough to push back the paving stones of the consumer culture. Her stories invite us to water this soul seed."

- Vicki Robin, author of Your Money or Your Life